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For as long as humans’ brains have been creative, we have conjured up all kinds of mysterious, wacky, and beautiful creatures. It’s in our nature to use our colourful imagination to come up with things that are beyond what we currently see. We need to have that extra dimension to our minds – if we only accepted what was in front of us, we’d go crazy from the mundane and boring everyday surroundings. We create through the likes of stories, paintings, movies, and so many other mediums.

Something that has been around human fiction and history (kind of) for centuries is the beautiful, majestic unicorn. You’ve seen them hundreds of times in the past, so you know exactly what one is. You may have even seen one in the past – before realizing that the sharp horn on its forehead was stuck on by someone for aesthetic purposes. Either that or, like, a shadow made it look like a horn was present. The mythical and legendary beast is often depicted as colourful and perfectly groomed, so if you were to see one out there someday, you’d know.

Proof that unicorns are real

The question is, though: are they actually real? Look, your first reaction is obviously going to be a large, resounding ‘NO.’ Sure, our default stance should probably be that because, you know, nobody has ever seen one or provided the right amount of proof. BUT, this world is full of strange and wonderful things. Just because we’ve never actually discovered one yet, does that have to mean they don’t, never have, or never will exist? Well, yes, if you’re are party-pooper. Whatever.

If you’d like to shine a little optimism and positivity onto the world, then keep your head up and think ‘you never know, they MIGHT be around SOMEWHERE!’ If you do that, then you’ll stand more of a chance when it comes to discovering all kinds of things. If you give up straight away, then you’ve already lost.

Here’s the thing: they probably don’t, right? But think for a second. Think about why these (not so) little creatures are still so prevalent in today’s society and culture. In fact, let’s go into a little more detail. Keep reading, let’s have a little fun:

Why are unicorns not real?

Back in the day – and we’re talking way back into the more primitive years of human civilization – we had all kinds of stories and accounts. Diaries were written that recounted so many different events and crazy affairs. That’s around the time unicorns came into our lives, right? People collectively decided that they were a thing. Did one person really invent the mythical creature – only to not credit him/herself for the amazing conjuration? Let’s not also forget that they make an appearance in many religious texts. The Bible, for example, has a few supernatural beings and creatures in it, and many like to believe that the written word of the lord is undeniably true.

Listen, if you’re not religious, then that’s fine. But it’s just another piece of text where a unicorn or an implication of one is noted. Coincidence? I think not. Well, it probably is, but c’mon, let’s have a little fun with this debate!

Because they’ve been long discussed in past texts, perhaps they were walking around then, and we just haven’t found any proof of it. We know dinosaurs stomped around millions of years ago – just one fossil is needed, and maybe we can get to the bottom of something extraordinary. They might just be extinct – who knows?!

We also should mention here that there ARE groups of people around that spend their free time trying to discover all kinds of beings – mythical or not. There’s no way we’ve discovered everything this planet has to offer; every day somebody is figuring out something new – every single day! However unlikely it may be, somebody may stumble across something a little strange-looking. Genuine firms that deal with discoveries are hard at work at any given time, and so are random laymen just wondering God’s green earth. You just never know what we’ll find within the next few years – look at the crazy things we’ve learned thus far!

We haven’t even entertained the idea that something could be bred, or even created in a lab. I mean, that’s playing God a little too much, but, like, it could happen…

So we’ve talked about a few things that pertain to this planet. But what about the rest of the area, huh? It’s going to take a while to discover everything we have on our home planet, so it’s probably going to take a little while longer to find everything in the ever-growing thingy we call the universe. We’ve already used science and telescopes, and all of that cool stuff to learn about so much that’s out there. Who knows, there could be life out there and, dare I say, unicorns?!

Given that there are a gazillion planets and a gazillion galaxies, it’s likely that there is life elsewhere, so we may as well accept the fact that the beautiful, horned beasts are trotting around somewhere, right? Right?! We’ve literally found planets that are covered solely in water, and planets that are made up of diamond. You mean to tell me there won’t be another breed of pretty-looking horsey spinning through the universe somewhere? Oh please.

The final idea that can be put forth is the notion that if we close our actual eyes and use our mind’s eye instead, we can picture pretty much whatever we want. If you feel as though you think they may exist, then you go right ahead and believe whatever you want – it’s a free world, after all – well, you’d like to think it is! You’re not hurting anybody by believing these kinds of things. Just be sure not to preach unfounded claims onto other, more impressionable people. You don’t want a huge misunderstanding to be created – that wouldn’t be fun.

To conclude, you can be left with this thought: there’s more out that than you think. We’re constantly being baffled by what this strange world throws at us. So don’t be shocked if something seemingly unreal decides to pop into our existence. If you’re not going to budge, then that’s okay – hopefully, you’ve had a couple of laughs reading along with this wonderfully articulated, falling-down rant/discussion/argument!

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