Unicorn Curtains

Both the interior and the exterior of your home say a lot about you. Even the subtlest interior or exterior design choice can say a great deal about your personality, your nature, your income or even your political persuasion if experts are to be believed.

And your curtains are a rare thing in that they are both an aspect of your interior design and (at least potentially) an aspect of your exterior design. Your curtains can either be a personal choice that you keep to yourself (offering passers by an anonymous facade when drawn). Or they can have designs on both sides and allow you to share the design of your curtains with all who pass you by.


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And for the lover of unicorns, your curtains represent yet another opportunity for you to flaunt your love of mythology’s most majestic creatures! And no matter what your aesthetic preferences or practical needs, we can help you to find the perfect unicorn curtains for your home!

We’ve got single sided and double sided unicorn curtains. We have tab top, slot top and eyelet unicorn curtains. We have unicorn curtains that will bring magic, light and joy to your child’s bedroom and unicorn curtains that will aid quiet contemplation and productivity in your study. We have unicorn blackout curtains that will protect your privacy from nosey neighbours.

Unicorn Black Curtains

We have unicorn blackout curtains for adults and children alike, in every colour and style you can imagine. We have worked tirelessly to find the perfect range of unicorn curtains to suit all personal tastes and home design aesthetic concepts.

We even have matching unicorn curtain and duvet cover bed sets so that you or your children can enjoy a sleeping area with a unified, unicorn adoring aesthetic. Or, if your aesthetic preferences demand a more mix ‘n’ match style, don’t forget that you can always take a look at our unicorn bedding section and find something extra special for when you snuggle down at night. When they’re in the kitchen, they add cheer to the space and

Your curtains are many things. They’re a decorative item, but they also help you to get a restful night’s sleep and protect your privacy. If they’re in your bedroom they’re likely one of the first things you see in the morning when you rise and one of the last things you see as you lay down your weary head. When they’re in the kitchen, they add cheer to the space and keep you company while you’re measuring, mixing, cooking and tasting. When they’re in your living room they play a vital role in tying your home’s aesthetic together.

All of this makes your curtains an ideal place in which to flaunt your love of unicorns.

Whatever style, colour, design, pleat or fittings you’re looking for, we take the time, effort and guesswork out of finding the perfect unicorn curtains for you. Because unicorns rule… and we want your home’s unified aesthetic to rule, too!