Unicorn Lighting

If you want to introduce some of the fairytale magic of unicorns throughout your home, then going for some top-notch lighting is certainly one of the best approaches to take. Well, you are in luck if you want some top of the range unicorn-related lighting, as we have some of the most impressive choices on the market. Never overlook the important role lighting can play in the home, in terms of improving the decor, as well as adding ambiance to the property.

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So, let’s have a quick run-down of some of the very best unicorn lighting options that we have to offer customers looking for a fantastical addition to their homes.

3D LED Illusion Night Light

This is one of our most striking and innovative products, and it is ideal for those with kids who are looking for a fun yet subtle night light for the children’s room. With seven different colours to choose from, this optical illusion lamp is one of the best choices for unicorn-based nighttime lighting. Having a mythical creature watching over your little ones as they sleep is a pretty great prospect for any parent.

Colorful Unicorn Head LED Lamp

When you think about unicorn lighting, this is probably the direction your mind takes. A unicorn head that sits on a desk or bedside cabinet and lights emits a soft, warm glow is pretty much the ideal choice when it comes to unicorn lighting. Our colourful unicorn head with USB connection is perfect for those unicorn-mad sorts who just have to have this beautiful creature in their home.

White and Gold Ceramic Unicorn Table Lamp

This is a little more grown-up of a choice when it comes to the unicorn lighting we sell. It’s a little more elegant and charming than some of the colourful and iridescent options we have talked about. This smart and sleek white gloss ceramic unicorn base with gold horn is complemented by a pink lampshade that hugs the bulb firmly and casts a glorious orangey glow. A must for desks up and down the country, to boost your working day.

Unicorn String Lights

Now we’re talking. Perfect for mythical parties, magical movie nights, or just quiet and peaceful nights in, our colour-changing LED unicorn string lights are the perfect way to celebrate your unicorn love. There is so much to love above this subtle yet effective lighting choice, and this is a product you can enjoy time and again. And, even if you use them for nothing else, they are the ideal product to bring out once a year for a bit of festive unicorn merriment. Divine.

As you can see, we have some pretty incredible lighting options for those looking to enjoy all things unicorn. If you consider yourself nutty about these mythical beasts, what better way to celebrate this than to add some of our stunning unicorn lighting options. Make your home better, brighter, and infinitely more magical by browsing our de-light-ful lighting options.