Unicorn Gin

A trend that has really taken off recently is enjoying a glass or two of your favourite gin. It has grown in popularity more and more, especially throughout 2019 and it doesn’t look as though 2020 is going to be any different. There are numerous different flavours, strengths, and recipes that people have grown to love and one of them is the famous and magically Unicorn Gin. Said to be made from real-life unicorn tears ( as we’d all like to believe they actually exist!) Unicorn Gin has taken the gin lovers market by storm.

What is a unicorn gin?

Unicorn Gin is said to be the real-life tears of unicorns, it’s glittery, pink and sweet in taste. It’s been dubbed as a popular choice for Millenials because of their love for pink and of course, unicorns. However, it has quickly become a popular choice for people of all generations. Because Unicorn Gin hits all the latest trend hotspots there’s no wonder it has become a big deal and massive hit. The first Unicorn Gin that was created came from a Manchester-based distiller Zymurgorium on 26 Sep 2018.

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What Flavour is Unicorn gin?

Most of the Unicorn Gins that you find on the market are bursting with marshmallow, vanilla, raspberry, and marzipan flavours to really hit that sweet cravings spot! Some have said that it is a little sweet for their taste but when combined with different mixers people have said that it calms down the sweetness and makes it a refreshing and easy drink.

What do you drink with Unicorn gin?

If you were to ask a bartender what you should drink Unicorn Gin with their answer would be lemonade and garnish of strawberry. Some people have added in fruits like blueberries for an added twist. This does make for a sweet taste but as lovers of Unicorn’s you’re bound to enjoy the sweet taste of their tears.

What supermarket sells Unicorn gin?

So, where can you buy Unicorn Gin? More and more supermarkets are now releasing their own version of the wonderous Unicorn Gin so it’s becoming much easier to track it down. Some of the places you’re likely to find it include:

B &M

When looking for Unicorn Gin you are definitely spoilt for choice. Different flavoured gins have been in trend and consumed in higher and higher quantities over the last few years. If you compare this to other alcoholic beverages, these have seen a slight decline, which has got to speak volumes for the popularity of Gin Liqueurs. Unicorns have also been in trend and nowadays you can’t even go for a shopping trip on the high-street without seeing one. This means that Unicorn tears in the form of Unicorn Gin are perfect for the unicorn loving gib drinkers of the world. There a huge array of different gins on the market, in hundreds of flavours including marshmallow, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, strawberries and cream, mint, orange, and more.

We’ve bought together all the finest choices when it comes to Unicorn Gin, they’re all available to buy in the UK in-store or online. Always remember to drink responsibly and enjoy browsing through these different options.

Unicorn Tears Gin – FireBox

This Unicorn Tears Gin was one of the first created, if not the first to be introduced to the market. They make bold statements to suggest that their gin actually contains real unicorn tears. Yes, this would be amazing and we can all dream. We’re not entirely sure where they get the tears from, but we would certainly love to know where their hidden stash of unicorns in. Regardless, this is the original unicorn gin and it has now reached a massive 3000, 000+ shares on their website alone. There is no doubt that it has already touched and blessed thousands of gin lovers already. There are continually growing their range by adding new flavours like blackberry, strawberry, and spicy juniper, meaning there is bound to be a flavour that every gin lover craves. As well as the great taste, there is a stunning bottle that makes this Unicorn Gin a perfect gift for any gin drinker.

Unicorn Gin Gift Sets

People can’t help but fall in love with the mystical creatures, Unicorns. In fact, people have spent well over a decade doing this. Chances are you already know at least one person who is crazy about them. This makes Unicorn Gin gift sets the perfect choice for a gift. The range of flavours and colouring’s of all the gins on offer make them an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys a glass of gin, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s for a magical birthday, mother days, Christmas and many other occasions, any unicorn or gin lover is bound to love one of these.

Personalized Unicorn Gin Gift Sets

When you’re looking for an extra special gift to give personalisation is about as good as it gets. Many people choose to have gifts personalised with messages, poems and names in order to add more of a personal choice to a gift that they want to be just for that person. Whether you get a personalised label, gift box or wrapping this is a great way to add a personal touch to the already amazing Unicorn Gin. Some of the best gifts you can give include a Unicorn glass with an engraved message or name for the receiver. You certainly can’t go wrong with any personalised gift so you certainly can’t go wrong with a Unicorn Gin one!

Zymurgorium Unicorn Gin – Marshmallow

Zymurgorium Unicorn Gin is one of the tops of the range unicorn gins available on the market at the moment. It has a phenomenal marshmallow taste and it can be found at a very reasonable price. Marshmallow isn’t a flavour that you would usually find in an alcoholic beverage so this makes it a really unique find. It’s gained many 5 star reviews from its drinkers and everywhere you look people rave about it. If you’re looking for your first Unicorn drink to try this might just be the one to go for. Whether it’s for a party, to enjoy at home or to give to someone as a drink you can be sure it’ll be a big hit. It’s carefully blended with vanilla and it’s glittering pink! That gives you a true Unicorn vibe!

Mystical Unicorn Gin Liqueur – Aldi

Aldi is very well known for having reasonable prices but still been able to deliver excellent quality. It’s on the main reasons that they are such a popular choice for people food shopping. Their alcohol range, although different from your other supermarkets is a good go-to place to find some interesting and reasonably priced items. Including a new addition of Unicorn Gin. There Unicorn Gin has a delicious candyfloss flavour mixed with marshmallow which is going to transport straight to the mystical Unicorn land. Ok, so you might need ot have a bit of a sweet tooth for this one but it has already received fantastic reviews from its drinkers. The first thing you will notice about the bottle of this gin is the fact that the bottle has an added shimmery sheen to add to the unicorn magic. You have to shake the bottle before drinking because the unicorn tears (shimmery glitter) falls to the bottom, making it look great on your shelf. Some have said that the Aldi Unicorn Gin tastes just like strawberry milkshake mixed with gin and glitter, winning combination no? There are plenty of mysterious things about Aldi’s magical and Mystical Unicorn gin. All that can be said is that Aldi isn’t lying when they say it tastes amazing and refreshing, the reviews really speak for themselves.

Unicorn gin Asda

This is one of the most recent Unicorn Gins to be added to the market and it doesn’t disappoint. Of course, it was only going to be a matter of time before top supermarkets like Asda joined in with the magic of Unicorn Gin. Following the trend, again this gin taste is sweet and satisfying, it’s perfectly mixed with a glass of lemonade and a few strawberries threw in. Asda also does many other unicorn products like soaps in the shape of a unicorn and gin glasses covered in unicorns, these could make the perfect addition to their Unicorn Gin, you could even build your own gift set and give it to a loved one.


Well, what can we say? Unicorn Gin has been one of the fastest popularity drinks on the market recently and it’s been nothing but wonderous and magical. Anyone who loves gin and unicorns is sure to be blown away by this mystical drink. Whether you have a sweet tooth because you’re looking for the perfect gift, you’re attending g a party, want to try a range of different gin flavours because it’s your favourite drink or wants a touch of magic to your Friday night tipple, Unicorn Gin is definitely one to add to the list.

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