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So, if you’ve entered this site and clicked on this particular article, then the chances are that you have a love or an interest in the most beautiful, majestic creatures we call unicorns. Either that or you’ve read the title, and it has piqued your formerly non-existent interest massively. 

We know a bunch of stuff about unicorns so far due to literature and other nuggets of information. There’s so much to figure out and bring to the fore about them, though. I mean, what DO they eat, right? It’s a good question. Every single living being needs to consume something. Whenever we read about them in books or see them on our screens, they never seem to be tucking into a delicious meal. They’re just kind of wandering around doing what they do – being pretty and a joy to the world. 

It makes sense to suggest that, because they are a fictional and mythical being, we can come up with whatever we like – within reason, of course. 

They are a distant relative to the horse, though. So it makes even more sense to suggest that they have pretty much the exact same herbivore diet as their equine buddies from the real world. That makes the most sense, but it’s a pretty boring thing to think, isn’t it? So, in essence, all they eat is grass, hay, wheat, oats and corn? How fun and exciting.

Wait a minute? Corn? Unicorns would then eat corn? Or maybe even acorns? Sure, that sounds like it should be right. We could definitely be going somewhere with this!

Let’s think about this properly and break down what they would need to eat – if we use our brains, we could definitely put some of the puzzle pieces together.

So what are unicorns? What do they have, and what do they need? Well, depending on the version you see, they tend to be either an untainted, beautiful white all over to represent purity in all of its forms or white with rainbow colours jotted around. If they are the latter, then perhaps they should be fed things like rainbow cakes – and perhaps with lots of sprinkles scattered over everything! They’ve got to maintain that colour, after all. Is that how the colour is maintained? Who knows, it might be, it’s not a terrible idea!

They also need to keep up all the energy in the world in order to continue looking as glorious and as majestic as they do. When have you ever seen a unicorn looking lacklustre and out of steam? The answer: you haven’t. So, obviously, they’ll need to intake a lot of water to keep themselves from burning out. What foods would they need, though? Well, probably something sugary or full of carbs! Would it really shock you if it turned out that unicorns were the biggest sweet tooths in the (fantasy) animal kingdom? That huge horn on the top of their heads might be a little dangerous at times, so sugary foods might keep them for causing any damage. They do put people at ease, after all!   

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