How To Draw A Unicorn

How To Draw A Unicorn

Do you love drawing? Maybe you want to learn how to draw some cute and magical animals? Well, why not start with the wonderful unicorn!

Do you want to know how to draw a unicorn? Do you want to know how to draw a unicorn, nice and easy? Well, we’ve got exactly the right tutorial for you! Make sure you follow our step by step tutorial below, and make sure you look at all the images whilst you’re drawing!

Step 1

First of all, you’ll need to draw a fringe, to make sure your unicorn is cute! This fringe can be long or short, depending on what you think looks best. Unicorns have a lot of hair, and usually their hair is blue or purple in colour, but yours doesn’t have to be! When the step comes to colour in your unicorn, what do you think would be the best colours to use?

Step 1 - Draw A Fringe - How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 2

Then you’ll need to draw half an egg, or a ‘U’ shape underneath this fringe. This will make the head of the cute unicorn. Unicorns look a lot like horses, so if you’re wondering how big or small to make your ‘U’ shape, make sure you think about a horse as you’re drawing.

Step 2 Draw an Egg - How to draw a unicorn

Step 3

After that, you’ll need to draw the ears of your unicorn. Put one on either side of the top of the head, with the fringe in the middle. Make sure one side is a straight line and the other side is a curved line.

Step 3 - Add 2 Ears - How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 4

Now it’s time to add a magical horn in the middle of the head, right on top of the fringe! Did you know people used to sell ‘unicorn horns’ for lots and lots of gold during the 1500s? That was a long time ago! So, draw a cone shape, and you can make this as big or small as you like – just make sure it looks magical!

Step 4 - Add A Magical Unicorn - How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 5

Let’s move onto the face of the unicorn now. You’ll need to make sure your unicorn has lovely, happy eyes and a big smile on their face! Unicorns are peaceful creatures that like living in the forest, so they’re going to be very happy with their lives! Use the space left over in the shape of the head, and copy the face above.

Step 4 Lets Draw A Unicorn Face - How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 6

Now comes step 6 – the front legs of your unicorn, otherwise known as the arms! Don’t worry if this bit seems a little bit hard – this how to draw a unicorn tutorial is easy to follow! You can draw these straight down from the bottom of the cute unicorn’s head, and make sure you don’t forget the lines of the hooves on the bottom of the legs.

Step 6 - Spread The Magic - How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 7

Now it’s time to draw the back legs of your magical unicorn. Your unicorn will use their set of 4 legs to spread their magic, so make sure you draw them in long enough to see behind the front legs, and with good hooves at the end of their legs. Make sure they look strong, as unicorns are strong enough to fight elephants if they ever disagree! Elephants are big creatures, aren’t they? And if you’re worried your unicorn’s legs don’t look right, make sure you keep looking at the picture above as you draw them in!

Step 7 - Draw Unicorn Legs - How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 8

This is the step where we add in the tail of the magical unicorn. Make sure it’s a big tail, because we’re going to add a lot of colour to it! When you do, try to make sure these colours match the fringe of your unicorn.

Step 8 - Unicorn tail - How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 9

Now’s your chance to add some final details to your unicorn. You can add lines to the fringe and the tail, to separate sections of their hair to make them easy to colour in the final step below. And if you’re wondering whether or not to add some wings into your drawing, you don’t need to here! A unicorn doesn’t fly, unlike its cousin the Pegasus!

Step 9 - Unicorn Colouring - How To Draw A Unicorn

Step 10

It’s time to add the final magic to your cute unicorn drawing! Unicorns are magical creatures, aren’t they? And when something is magical, it’s colourful and friendly, so make sure you add a lot of different colours here!

Unicorn Drawing


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