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What should your unicorn name be?

Picking a unicorn name is something that a lot of children find themselves doing while they play around the home. It is also a great idea for a party game. If you are having a unicorn-themed party for your little girl or boy, you can easily make a Unicorn Party Name Game for everyone to enjoy. In fact, we have seen lots of different ideas and printables for this online already. In this blog post, not only will we help you to discover your unicorn name, but we will also tell you a bit more about unicorn names in mythology and what these creatures represent.

What Do Unicorns Represent?

Unicorns are so much more than creatures! Yes, you can give a unicorn a name, but they symbolise a lot more than this. Unicorns represent innocence, purity, magic, and freedom. Their stunning white coats and their pearly tails and manes reflect this. As you will soon discover, unicorns have represented joy and life in a lot of different cultures for many years now. The Persians, Greeks, Chinese, and a lot of others have referred to unicorns or similar creatures that have magical powers and a single horn. If someone was to see one of these incredible creatures, it would bring great happiness to their lives because they were incredibly pure. These creatures were also shrouded in mystery, as they were elusive and shy. Only those with pure hearts would ever be able to approach unicorns. They would run away from anyone unkind. As wild unicorns were so powerful, a lot of people feared that they were dangerous. It was impossible to catch a unicorn because they were so fast. They truly are incredible creatures, right?

Famous Unicorn Names

Before we help you to figure out what your unicorn name is, let’s take a look at some famous unicorn names in mythology. Ki-Lin – Firstly, we have a Chinese unicorn, known as Ki-Lin, which is made up of two other unicorns. Lin stands for female, while Ki stands for male. According to Chinese writers, Ki-Lin comes from far away; possibly even heaven. They also write that Ki-Lin has two horns, rather than one, with both horns having rounded tips. It is also believed that Ki-Lin doesn’t have a mane, but instead has a beard. Ki-Lin is believed to represent earth element, just like the phoenix stood for fire and the tortoise represented water. Camphur – Out of all of the unicorns in mythology, most would agree that the camphur is the most mind-blowing. There is not a lot of information out there regarding this feature. However, it was described as having a single horn, webbed rear feet, hoofed front feet, and a horse’s mane. French physician, Pierre Pronet, who was also a pharmacist to Louis XIV, showed a drawing of a camphur in his book, General History of Drugs. It was claimed by Pare that this unicorn resided in the Arabian Desert and that poisoning could be cured by its horn. Amaltheia – This is a beautiful name, and it comes from Ancient Greek legends. They believed that Amaltheia was a nurse goat for Zeus when he was an event. When Zeus has born, Rhea (his mother), hid him in a cave in Mount Ida so that Cronus (his father) would not be able to find him and devour him. According to the legend, Cronus ate all of his other children and so he did not want to be a father. The infant Zeus was nursed by Amaltheia. However, one day, while Zeus was playing, he broke off one of Amaltheia’s horns by accident, turning her into a unicorn. Zeus felt terrible about what happened, so he blessed the horn. It then became associated with a cornucopia or the horn of plenty. It could be filled with anything that a person desired. When she died, Amaltheia was placed among the stars as the constellation Capra for her services to Zeus.

Unicorns Rule Name Generator

To help you decide on your unicorn name, we have put together our own name generator, which is filled with potential cute unicorn names. To determine your unicorn name, it will depend on the first letter of your name now and your month of birth. So, let’s take a look… Take the first letter of your name… A – Sunshine
B – Fluffy
C – Princess
D – Peaches
E – Starlight
F – Dazzling
G – Glitter
H – Fairy
I – Diamond
J – Holden
K – Sassy
L – Buttercup
M – Shimmer
N – Happy 
O – Sweet
P – Bubbly 
Q – Precious
R – Sprinkle
S – Gold 
T – Diamond
U – Star
V – Secret
W – Ballerina
X Stardust
Y – Crystal
Z – Blush Now, we need the month that you were born… Jan – White Moon Feb – Honey Blossom March – Sun Dancer April – Glitter Reins May – Sparkle Pop June – Candy Floss July – Pretty Prancer Aug – Sugar Petal Sept – Rainbow Sprinkles Oct – Bubble Dream Nov – Twinkle Star Dec – Snowflake So, let’s say you were born in August and you’re name begins with K, your unicorn name is going to be Sassy Sugar Petal. Or, if you were born in February and your name begins with C, you’re going to be called Princess Honey Blossom. We’re sure you get the point! Let us know what your unicorn name is!

Unicorn Name Games For Parties

As mentioned, a fun way to get everyone involved at a party is to have your own Unicorn Name Game. At The Frugal Sisters, they have created a Unicorn Party Name Game, and they have put together some super-cute printables that you can use. You can print off a poster that explains all of the unicorn names, as well as some unicorn name cards whereby everyone can write their unicorn name! It’s a great party addition. So there you have it; everything you need to know about good unicorn names and how to choose the best one. There are lots of great unicorn generators online, and this is definitely something fun to incorporate into a party if you are having a unicorn themed party for your little one. We’re sure that everyone is going to enjoy finding out what their unicorn name is.
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