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Our favourite unicorn gift ideas

Choosing the perfect unicorn gift for a loved one can prove to be a tricky process. With so many different unicorn gift ideas floating around your head, choosing the right gift is crucial! We have put together a list of our favourite unicorn gift ideas within this blog post, to try & make your job slightly easier.

Flyow 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Heart Shaped Necklace for Women and Girls

Giving jewellery as a gift means something beautiful, and when you can incorporate unicorns – mystical and magical – into a piece of jewellery, you get a gift that lasts a lifetime. Perfect for all ages, this necklace can help you to show love and belief.

10Pcs Unicorn Rainbow Diamond Handle Soft Synthetic Hair Makeup Brush Set

The perfect makeup application takes the perfect makeup brushes. This is a set that will last, with ten pieces of beautifully designed brushes that will really look stunning in a makeup bag!

Standie 22PCS Makeup Brushes for Unicorn

Soft, pretty makeup brushes are the best gift for a girl of any age. Every girl loves makeup, and every girl loves unicorns. The pastel colours of this 20pc makeup set make it look perfectly mystical for this unicorn theme. Not only does it come with sponges, but it also comes with a makeup bag that matches!

WackySox Rainbow Unicorn Sports Socks

Comfortable, colourful and themed, these are the socks that are the best ones to gift someone who wants a little colour in their life. WackSox have made sports socks a little different; help your girl to stand out from the team and really have an impact.

KATE MORGAN Ladies Soft & Cosy Hooded Dressing Gown

A dressing gown goes through a lot; from being comfort in times of sadness to being the perfect accompaniment on a cold night. This Kate Morgan unicorn inspired dressing gown is the addition every girl needs for her bedroom. Choose the colour that suits the wearer, and you’ve got the perfect, magical gift imaginable.

925 Sterling silver Unicorn Ring

All love unicorns because of their magical qualities and the ability to feel encased in imagination. This sterling silver ring enables the wearer to step outside of the box and wear something a little more colourful day to day. Unicorns are popular for a reason, and when they’re designed in a ring like this one, you’ve got the ring of choice for the best gift.

Play-Doh Rainbow Dash Style Salon

Every little girl loves to make believe, and this sparkly dough set combines glitter and sparkles with imagination and fun. Play-Doh have managed to create the most beautiful setting for imaginative play, and the six pots of dough make for hours of fun and playtime.

Kids Washable Makeup Set

Little girls turn to the adult in their life to watch them do their makeup and dream of being so sophisticated. Help your little girl step into your heels and play pretend with this beautiful makeup kit. The unicorn theme is a dream for any little girl, and the play makeup is suitable for all.

DRESHOW 4 Pack Cute Unicorn Package

Buying a gift should be easy, and with these four pieces put together, this DRESHOW gift set is the best possible option for any girl of any age. The adults like to play pretend just as much as children, but this drawstring bag and makeup bag set, along with the unicorn necklace and keychain are the perfect all in one package for any occasion.