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Our favourite Unicorns Gifts & Toys

Choosing the perfect unicorn gifts & toys is never an easy task! With so many awesome unicorn gift & toys available, choosing the right gift is crucial! We have put together a list of our favourite unicorn gift & toys within this blog post, to try & make your job slightly easier. Simply click the title or image to open the link.

Animagic Rainbow – My Glowing Unicorn

Rainbow is an AniMagic unicorn, made for cuddles. Her light up horn is the best night light for little girls, and the cute unicorn sounds can enable your little one to play make-believe with their new unicorn pal. The mane has bright colours, making it the prettiest unicorn cuddly light on the market today. When your little one strokes her back, she glows different colours – how beautiful is that?

JewelKeeper Girl’s Musical Jewellery Storage Box with Spinning Unicorn

Every little girl needs a place to store her magic, and this unicorn jewellery box can house the bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings that your little girl loves to play dress up with. This box is pastel coloured and is designed to bring joy to all little ones who play with it. The one of a kind designs can really help you to give the perfect gift this year.

Large 18″ Pink Stuffed Fluffy Unicorn

A little magic at bedtime is necessary for every little girl who loves unicorns and this giant, stunning cuddly unicorn is the best gift that can be bought. The glittery horn helps the Unicorn to stand out from the rest of the plushy crowd, and the pink fur will delight every little girl who loves the magic of unicorns. It’s an optimal gift as a bedtime favourite, and it’s the perfect size for snuggle time.

foci cozi Unicorn Journal Gel Pens Stationery Set

Keeping secrets may not be encouraged in real life, but every little girl who is bursting with imaginative stories needs a place to keep them all. This stationery set comes with a beautifully designed unicorn notebook, one working unicorn pen, a pink unicorn keyring or bag decoration, and four different style unicorn clips for marking their place in their notebook. Give your little girl an outlet for her own magic, and this becomes the perfect option in unicorn gifts & toys.

Aurora World 32795 “Fancy Pal Peek-A-Boo Unicorn Toy

All little girls who see celebrities with small dogs in their handbags can be inspired. Instead, this gift goes one better; a little unicorn – or Fancy Pal – in a handbag! Made from high-quality plush with a bit of glitter thrown in, your little girl gets a gift of a cute unicorn pal and a pink and pretty handbag to boot! The cuddly unicorn is the magical cuddly your little one will love.

Little Live Pets 28683 Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn

Watch the unicorn dance to its own music, and you’ll see the perfect unicorn gifts & toys for your little girl. Combining pretty colours with a big imagination, this product is the best gift you could buy for any little one who appreciates something fun. Any little girl will love the fact that it responds to touch and it lights up; interactive and pretty all in one package.

DRESHOW 4 Pack Cute Unicorn Package

Buying a gift should be easy, and with these four pieces put together, this DRESHOW gift set is the best possible option for any girl of any age. The adults like to play pretend just as much as children, but this drawstring bag and makeup bag set, along with the unicorn necklace and keychain are the perfect all in one package for any occasion.