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Our favourite Unicorns Back Packs

We’re here to compare the 5 top unicorn backpacks to suit your every need. Who doesn’t love a good back pack? But even more so when its a unicorn backpack! Choosing the perfect unicorn backpack has never been so easy! With so many awesome unicorn backpacks available, choosing the right backpack is hugely important! We have put together a list of our favourite unicorn backpacks within this blog post, to try & make your job slightly easier. 

 Without further ado, may the best unicorn win.  ​

Personalised unicorn name backpack

We probably don’t need to tell you why this backpack is a big hit. With the ability to add any name onto your finished design, it’s a touch of magic for any young unicorn lovers.

CPYang Fantasy Star Animal Unicorn Backpack

With a stand out unicorn printed right across the front, this is fantastic for anyone looking to shout loud about their love of unicorns. With its genderless color palette, this is also a rare find for unicorn-loving boys and adults.

CPYang Fantasy Galaxy Star Unicorn Backpack

If you love stars and unicorns, this is the one for you. Everyone will notice this bright backpack, completed by a unicorn in pride of place across the front pocket.

VASCHY Kids Backpack

Unlike other options, the VASCHY backpack is covered in unicorn print. It’s ideal for kids who aren’t satisfied with just one. The purple and pink design is also a fantastic addition for little girls in your life.

Emoji Unicorn Backpack

This luminescent Emoji backpack comes complete with unicorns, stars, lollipops, and flowers. Your little one will be the star of the party wherever they go with this. And, the lack of pink also makes it a fantastic option for the boys in your life.

So which is our favourite Unicorn Backpack?


There is no one winner. But, by taking your needs into account should see which backpack is best. Consider who it’s for and whether they want one unicorn or many. Then, don’t hesitate to get the backpack which most meets your needs.