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Our favourite Unicorn Toys For Babies

Choosing the perfect unicorn toy for your baby is never going to be an easy task! With so many awesome unicorn toys for babies available, choosing the right one is hard! We have put together a list of our favourite unicorn toys for babies within this blog post, to try & make your job slightly easier. Simply click the title or image to open the link.

Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings – Clip-On Pram And Pushchair Toy Unicorn

Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings is a stunning toy that brings a sense of sparkle to your baby’s stroller. With its colourful appearance, cute hooves and magical unicorn horn, this one is going to be popular. Tilly Twinklewings provides crinkle sounds to help with your baby’s hearing development.

VATOS Baby Toys for 1 2 3 4 Years Old Boys and Girls

VATOS Baby toys for young children and infants comes as a toy train and three balls your child can drop into the train’s hopper that makes it move forward and light up. The toy provides music, entertainment and helps to improve motor control. VATOS Baby Toy is all about fun, fun, fun!

Bright Starts Rock and Glow Unicorn Toy

Bright Starts Rock and Glow Unicorn toy features a host of exciting features. Chase mode puts the unicorn in motion, allowing babies to chase it around the room. And you can press buttons on the side of the unicorn and get it to change direction too.

Bright Starts Sparkly Unicorn Toy

Bright Starts Sparkly Unicorn Toy is a baby’s rattle that features two soft and safe teething rings for chewing. Bright Starts makes the toy from thin ribbon and includes fabric for additional tactile sensations.

ZHENDUO Baby Bath Bubble Crab Toy

The ZHENDUO Baby Bath Bubble Crab Toy is all about your toddler having as much fun as possible while in the bath. Young kids will love this cute bubble machine. The Zhenduo can play 12 classic nursery rhymes and uses a safe bubble solution that’s kind to babies’ skin.