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Our favourite Unicorn Gifts For Girlfriends

It’s not just little girls who love unicorns; adults do, too. And why not? Unicorns embody imagination and creativity, possibility and dreams, and with these unicorn gifts for girlfriends, you can ensure that you are handing out all of those things. Take a look at each of these and find the right gift for the woman who wants to step out of the real world and into a pastel-coloured one for a change!

Flyow 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Heart Shaped Necklace

The unicorn symbolises eternity, purity and belief, and this Flyow 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Heart Shaped Necklace is definitely a delicate piece to add to any jewellery box. Expressing your love to your girlfriend can be done in many ways, and this is the piece of jewellery that can make a difference to their day.

Personalised Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Sometimes, a gift needs to be something personal. If your girlfriend loves unicorns and loves something she can hang in the office or in the house, then this personalised Valentine’s Day prints and frames are the ideal ones. These can be personalised for any occasion, and you can have your design in the size that you choose.

WackySox Rainbow Unicorn Sports Socks

There is not a woman in the world that doesn’t love to curl up after a long day in some comfy socks. When you have to spend every day in a uniform for work; whether an actual uniform or a suit, something fun can really change someone’s mood. Your girlfriend deserves the best for her feet, and these Wacky Socks may be wacky in their appearance, but they bring fun and warmth to the one you love.

Womens Snug Onesie Adult All in One Fleece Zip Jumpsuit Pyjamas

If you are looking for a unicorn gift for your girlfriend with a difference, this hooded unicorn onesie changes the game. There’s something cosy and comfortable about wrapping up in a unicorn-themed onesie, and it’s the perfect gift for a chilly night in together.

KATE MORGAN Ladies Soft & Cosy Fleece Pyjamas

Similarly to the above onesie, the gift of magic and comfort is a wonderful one to give, except that this time, it’s in the form of a two-piece pyjama set. The fleece material makes these the perfect snuggle gift, and you can allow her to escape the stressful world and into one of magic with the unicorn design.

925 Sterling silver Unicorn Ring

Unique is the theme of any gift for your girlfriend; you want to think outside the box. Unicorns give you that outlet, and this beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Unicorn Ring is the perfect choice for any girl who is interested in a little magic and colour in her life.

KATE MORGAN Ladies Soft & Cosy Hooded Dressing Gown

To complete the pyjama look, your girlfriend needs a comfortable, warm dressing gown. This unicorn hooded dressing gown by Kate Morgan is the perfect addition to any girls nightwear, and as there are more colours to choose from, you can tailor this gift to suit your girlfriend.

DRESHOW 4 Pack Cute Unicorn Package

This four-piece gift set includes a drawstring unicorn-themed bag, a makeup bag in the same style, a beautiful unicorn necklace and a keychain all in one gift package. For the girl in your life who cannot get enough purple unicorn-themed things, this is the perfect gift package for her.