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Our favourite Unicorns Christmas Gifts & Toys

The best Christmas presents are, undoubtedly, those that show just how well you know the person that you’re giving to. If a loved one is as crazy about unicorns as we are, we’re certain you’ll know it. But how do you help them celebrate that love? That’s what we’re here to help you find out. 

Unicorns Rule has made it easier than ever to find the right gift for those lovers of those mythical mono-horned creatures. Not only do we have a ton of unicorn gifts that you can find by browsing through the helpful shop categories, but by looking through them for the best of the best.

Here, we have carefully curated the cream of the crop when it comes to unicorn themed gifts. Get ready to brighten up a loved one’s day, as we have options that are perfect for anyone, no matter their age or size.

Amkun Winter Christmas 3D Cartoon Non-slip Socks

Who doesn’t want to slide around the house in a pair of ultra-comfy socks with a super cute unicorn on them? These super soft cotton socks are amongst the most affordable gifts on the list, making them a perfect stocking filler (or sock within a sock, if you will). They have an adorable pair of matching 3D unicorns knitted together on top of them, so they might not make the best pair of wear with those new shoes but they’re perfect for lazing around the house and getting comfy with a cup of hot chocolate. These socks come in lady’s size 6, so they’re a good fit for growing girls or those women with particularly small feet.

Winzero Girls Christmas Pyjamas Set

The cold winter months are perfect for indulging in tasty festive treats, snuggling under the blanket to watch a Christmas film with the family, and to get as cosy as possible. What could possibly work better for that than this bright, beautiful pyjama set for girls? You can never have too many unicorns, which makes us all-too approving of the many frolicking foals on the bottoms in particular. Made of 100% cotton, it’s as comfy as it is eye-catching and comes in a variety of shades of pink with a few turquoise options added on top. Designed for children between the ages of 2 and 7, you can be sure that your resident unicorn lover will race back to their room ASAP to change into their brand-new Christmas pyjamas.

Hatley Girl’s Trapeze Dress

Who said that unicorns can’t be super fashionable? Designed for growing girls up to 10 years old, this trapeze dress comes with a range of different patterns but, naturally, we’re most interested in their Blue Majestic Unicorns design. This long-sleeved, crew neckline dress is super chic while remaining adorable at the same time, so it’s perfect for the girl who isn’t super into glitzy pink stuff but just can’t get away from that love of unicorns. What’s more, it’s made from a super breathable cotton blend, with 5% elastane. As such, it’s not only machine washable, but it’s a good fit for the whole year round. Perfect to wear in summer or to partner with a pair of woolly tights for the breezier months of the year. The fact that it’s super easy to put on with a keyhole button and loop closure makes it a smart fit for any girl’s wardrobe, too.

Women’s Onesie Fleece

Sometimes, a girl just wants to wrap herself up in as much softness and cuteness as possible and to laze around the house without a care in the world. This adult women’s onesie is the tool for the job when it comes to that kind of indulgence. This ultra-cutesy design comes in a range of styles, including unicorns of pink, silver, aqua, and the super colourful rainbow style. It’s fully machine washable, with one central zip so it’s super easy to wear and keep. Meanwhile, the soft 100% polyester design keeps it comfy, soft, and kind to the kind. Add the 3D mouth, horn, mane, and even a swishy tail by the rear and you’re living the lazy weekend morning dream.

Loungeable Ladies Luxury Fleece Robes

Whether you’re eager to get out of your work clothes after a long day or looking to laze around after a shower, there’s nothing quite like a soft, warm fleece robe to help you ease into some lounging time. Made with super fine ultra-soft microfleece material, it’s easy to tie the robe together, throw up the horned hood, and sink into lazy bliss. Throw a pair of woolly thigh highs on and you have a warm hug of a robe that’s excellent for chilly winter mornings, too. Whatever kind of unicorn is your favourite, you’re bound to find the right style with blue, pink, aqua, white, rainbow, lilac, and silver star colours all available. The sizing is a little small for a regular fit, though, so it’s wise to order a size up from what you normally would.

Super X Country Unicorn Faux Fur Riding Hat Silk

It’s only natural that a love of unicorns should translate to a love of horses, or vice versa. For some, it’s very much a chicken and egg conundrum. Either way, if the unicorn lover in your life also has a passion for horse riding, then this riding hat silk could be just the thing they need for their riding gear. Available in fifteen colours and made of luxurious lycra with an extremely colourful pom pom to top it all off, it certainly stands out and proudly displays that adoration of equine creatures, real or otherwise. The silk is designed with an elasticated fit which ensures that it’s able to cling fat to any riding skull hat, both for casual riding and for competing.

Ladies Soft Fleece Pyjama Pants

We’ve already highlighted some of the best unicorn pyjamas on the market for growing unicorn lovers, but who’s to say that already grown ones can’t have their comfort, too? These unicorn print pyjamas come in a luxurious purple with a cute and convenient pink drawstring. They’re made of 100% polyester, a soft, cosy, breathable fabric. They’re super easy to wear, to take off, to machine wash, and keep for those lazy mornings or emergency comfy sessions of binging Netflix and ice cream. Perfect to wear with pyjama tops, oversized t-shirts, or shorter robes and they have an elastic waist which means they’re fairy generous with their sizing, to boot. An excellent option for getting snuggly on those chilly winter mornings.

Camille Print Childrens Onesie Pyjama Set

For those growing girls who prefer a more comprehensive approach to their sleep and comfort wear, then these ultra-snuggly onesies are going to be the perfect match. There are sizes for girls up to and including the age of 15/16 with both pink and navy unicorn designs. Whether you’re more of a bright and poppy girl in your style or on the cooler, more luxurious side, you’ll still get your fill of this super cute unicorn and starburst print design. They’re 100% soft polyester with a zip front fastening, hood, and side pockets that super convenient for sneaking some festive Christmas treats around in. Comfy, soft inside-and-outs, and super convenient, you couldn’t really ask more from a onesie that’s covered in a host of unicorns, could you?

Girls Unicorn Short & Long Pyjamas

Another excellent set of pyjamas, these ones are better suited for older girls, too, with sizes for all ages up to 13 years old. We love the in your face “Unicorn Queen” and “Life is all Rainbows and Unicorns” top designs which shows just the kind of spirit that unicorns are all about! Pair with a pair of stretchy, sparkly pyjama bottoms and you got yourself some excellent weekend lounging gear. For those who prefer a more flexible outfit, there are pyjama shorts that are just as cute. Made of 100% cotton, these PJs are perfect for summer and winter both. What’s more, they’re absolutely perfect for party and sleepover wear, on top of lounging and sleeping in. If you’re a real unicorn fanatic, you want to make a big statement about it and these pyjamas are designed to do just that.

United Oddsocks – Be A Unicorn Women’s Socks

What could possibly compete with a pair of super comfy unicorn themed socks? Why, three pairs of super comfy unicorn themed socks, of course! What we love most about this gift box is that all the socks inside are odd. No matching pairs, guaranteed! Not only are they made of an ultra-soft and breathable cotton blend, but they’re perfectly stylish and mismatched for those more quirky, eclectic girls in your life. From rainbows to repeating unicorn prints to the ever-so-slightly goofy solo unicorn, they’re full of charm, a little humour, and colourful brightness. There are no worries if one of them is waiting for a wash, as the others can be mixed, matched, and mismatched with gleeful abandon. Might just be perfect for that one lady who seems to lose an odd sock for weeks or months on end. 

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